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"Branding a Property or Development builds trust through emotional connections while influencing decision making"

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The real estate industry, especially in the United States, is brimming with competition from all sides. This competition has lead property owners and developers to find other ways to remain relevant in the industry. One of the unique ways used to achieve this is the strategic branding of properties, to meet the ever dynamic needs of prospective buyers. This means going a step further, from promoting the features of a property to showcasing exactly how enjoyable it would feel to live in the property and the vibrant community.

Today, real estate development companies are using property development branding to market and sell more than just properties to home buyers, but promote the lifestyle of their dreams; thereby encouraging more buyers to make a purchase. If you’re looking to understand property branding strategy, here's what you need to know.

New Multi-family High Rise in Los Angeles

01 | Higher Perceived Value

When property developments are branded, prospective buyers are more likely to pay good money for the properties. This is because the lifestyle sold by the branding helps them to see the value of the properties clearly. According to a study by Frank Knight, “branded residences command an average uplift of 31% compared to equivalent non-branded schemes”.

New Tenants Moving Into an Apartment

02 | Influence Decision Making; Driving Sales

Branding your development gives your properties a personality, which causes prospective buyers to be emotionally connected to development and influence their buying decision. When done effectively, it piques the interest of buyers, as well as create an impression that the property development will transform into a property of their dreams in a community they desire.

The entire process of property branding makes buying a property an exciting experience for buyers. It includes things like printed materials such as brochures, showroom visits, and more – all of which make prospective buyers to picture their lives in the property.

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03 | Stand Out From The Competition

Property development branding, through emotional connection, differentiates your property from all other property developments in the ever competitive real estate market. Showcasing to prospects the unique features and amenities through eBrochures and your website help potential tenants visual the lifestyle of your property, attracting more buyers to make a purchase.

Build Trust With Potential Buyers

04 | Build Trust With The Buyer

Lastly, a perfectly branded property projects a picture that builds a level of trust in the mind of prospective buyers, immediately. When they engage with high-quality designs and service from the very first time they engage with your property development – such as via your marketing collateral or website, they will be confident in your ability to deliver the property of their dreams.

Branding your property is about attracting potential tenants. With a well curated property development brand strategy you don't just create higher perceived value but actually generate longer leases and less tenant turnover. Delivering consistent design and marketing collateral builds trust with the prospective tenant getting you to standout in the for-rent market.

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