Regarding Your Privacy

Our website can be used without submitting any private information, but users may engage in interactive features where consumer information is voluntary supplied. Our voluntary collection procedure does not intentionally target minors. Please find detailed information below.

Information Collection

This website may collect voluntarily submitted information including a user's email address, phone number and first and last name upon completing the basic contact form. We do not collect credit card information on this website. There won't be a difference in site experience or data collection practices when the user chooses to turn on the "Do Not Track" option, as this site does not collect any involuntary information.

Data Usage and Sharing

Any of the voluntarily submitted information is used to further the experience and communication with the customer.

Data Protection

The protection of your personal data is extremely important to us. We follow generally accepted standards for data protection and maintain best practice safeguards. When users submit personal data, additional safeguards are deployed as an additional protective measure. All safeguards are continually updated and monitored by our professional Internet security team.

Web Accessibility

At Unsung, we value digital inclusion and strive to provide an outstanding online experience for all of our website guests, including those with sight, hearing, and other disabilities. In our effort to provide a fully accessible and optimized user experience for all site visitors, Unsung has taken careful measure to ensure an excellent user experience, regardless of the assistive technology being used to access this site or the specific abilities of those individuals seeking access to this site. Unsung is committed to complying with the Level AA success criteria of the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0). If you see any opportunities to make our website more digitally inclusive, please contact us at to provide your feedback.