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The true worth of strong branding is the ability to tap into the psychology of your customers – to create a connection and establish shared values from the start. Your company's identity, including your logo, voice and branding, is your unique opportunity to set your business apart, communicate your values, and leave a meaningful impression. While there are an endless amount of branding elements to consider, honing in on one is the key.


Property Development

Great branding belongs in the blueprints of every property. 

SCP Hotel Room - Unsung Studio Website Design


From boutique bed & breakfasts to international hotel groups.

Station Craft Dana Point - Unsung Studio Branding


We've got the secret ingredient to your success. 

Lord Hobo Brewing - Unsung Studio Branding


We elevate your brewery's image to quench the thirst of the masses.

Brand Audit & Strategy

Evaluating strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to help you understand where the organization stands with respect to its competitors. Brand strategy is a long-term plan for developing and achieving specific goals.

Positioning & Messaging

Creating a mission statement based on values. This creates continuity in marketing language and provides an impactful message both employees and customers can get behind. This is how brand loyalty is formed.


A great brand name tells stories and evokes emotion. Our nomenclature process is thorough and creative to resonate with your customers and company culture.

Brand Identity Design

The process of developing the visual elements of your brand. This includes your logo, color palette, typography, imagery, and overall brand style and aesthetic. Usually accompanied by a Brand Guidelines document you can continuously refer to as your business grows.

Industry/Market Audit

A deep dive aimed at understanding your specific marketplace and the short and long term direction in said market.

Brand Guidelines

Known as an instruction manual for your brand, guidelines lay out all the rules related to your identity from visual details, voice, and messaging so you can stay consistent across all mediums. Remember, consistency is key to long term brand growth.

Storybrand Framework

The StoryBrand Framework is a lesser known, but very impactful tool among business leaders that allows organizations to communicate their message with clarity. This process gives businesses the power of story by following seven steps, which are structured around the hero's journey.

How We Build a Brand, With You

Andy Boice William Scott Unsung Studio
Phase 1

The Strategic Sit-Down

This is the part where we ask the tough questions – usually with help from coffee. What does your ideal customer look like? Have you thought about your core values? Who are your direct competitors? By stripping your current brand back down to the basics, we’re able to establish the right foundation for the creative direction of your identity.

Phase 2

A Custom-Made Identity

We roll up our sleeves and start creating your new brand. Using what we learned during our phase one conversations, we’ll dream up a brand that makes a memorable impression, offers an emotional connection, and ups your value to target customers.

Andy Boice Unsung Studio
Phase 3

You've got it, flaunt it

This is the part where we take your brand and introduce it to the world. After honing in on who you are, we’ll help you show it off. From brochures and signage to installations and website, we’ll work with you to take your new brand from an exciting idea to tangible assets. 


Recent Projects

The Plaza Raintree Partners Logo - Unsung Studio Branding

The Plaza

A unique identity system to resonate with community and tenants in innovative job markets.


The Indie Collection

A unified master brand system for a collection of 7 individual properties in Glendale, California.

Station Craft Dana Point Interior Design Lindye Galloway - Unsung Studio Branding

Station Craft

Brewing a brand from scratch in the heart of Dana Point’s Lantern District


Pacific Apartments

Branding a creative community situated in downtown Santa Cruz.

Nomads Hotel San Clemente - Unsung Studio Branding

Nomads Hotel

We set out on an all-encompassing identity to capture the San Clemente lifestyle for this eight room boutique hotel and restaurant.

Lord Hobo Brewing Freebird Can Design - Unsung Studio Branding

Lord Hobo Brewing Co

This rebrand included purpose-driven design to overcome retail hurdles, unify packaging, and make a statement on the shelf.

Anton Ladera - Unsung Studio Branding


An identity to encapsulate spacious contemporary living and young optimistic individuals.

Doheny Surf Restaurant - Unsung Studio Branding


Rebranding Dana Point’s Doubletree Hotel restaurants to resonate with its rich new property remodel.


Citron Apartment Homes

A unique identity system to resonate with community and tenants in innovative job markets.

Anton Vida Branding - Unsung Studio Branding

Anton Vida

A unique identity system to resonate with community and tenants in innovative job markets.

Directing bold brands to brighter futures

If you're reading this you understand branding increases perceived value, builds community recognition, and attracts more quality customers. What are you waiting for? Let's get started.