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Lord Hobo Brewing Company, known for their world famous BoomSauce Double IPA, was experiencing a lack of uniformity throughout their brand and product packaging. Continuity is the strategic glue that makes a brand’s communication whole, and more than just a collection of parts. LHBCo was ready for purpose-driven design to overcome retail hurdles, unify the company's brand and packaging, and most importantly, make a statement on the shelf.


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The Role of Design in the Craft Beer Market

Up until this point you go to the beer aisle and it’s a smorgasbord of colorful cans and catchy names. Our research determined that 90% of craft beer drinkers don’t know what they’re going to buy when they step into the beer aisle. And in most cases, connoisseurs step into the beer aisle and look to the newest cans. We believe something else is happening - craft drinkers are looking to their reliable favorites.

The difference between Lord Hobo Brewing and other breweries - you know what you’re getting with Lord Hobo - Quality Beer.

An Iconic Brewery Becomes An Iconic Brand

We brought new life to the iconic crown identity and systematized the packaging. Consistency is now king throughout all packaging and marketing collateral. It’s been known for a while that Lord Hobo’s liquid is upper echelon - now its exterior is too. When you see the crown, you know you’re drinking like royalty.

Reinventing an icon

"As a fast-growing company wrangling with our evolving identity, it is important that we unify our bold branding. Taking our iconic LHBCo crown and brands like Boomsauce, Life, Freebird, 617, Angelica, and evolving their aesthetic to be better aligned with their cohesion of flavors, we proudly present our rebranding of Lord Hobo and our iconic beers."

- Daniel Lanigan, CEO

Lord Hobo Brand Guidelines


Lord Hobo's flagship IPA is a New England staple in every hop-head's arsenal. It's become an icon for the brand and we wanted to insure the integrity and bold aesthetic was preserved. Unmistakably Lord Hobo, unmistakably BOOMSAUCE.

The beer features six hop varietals and a blend of spelt, oat and wheat. A late hop addition of Mosaic, Falconer’s Flight and Amarillo delivers a notable citrus and tropical fruit finish.


Lord Hobo Boomsauce rebrand
Lord Hobo Boomsauce Rebrand Packaging

617 | Title Town

Boston is steeped in a tradition of greatness and beer. This beer captures the winning spirit of Boston in the most iconic way possible, 617. Coming in at a sessionable 6.17% ABV, (which just so happens to be Boston's area code), the beer pays homage to the iconic Red Sox colors. After a successful first season at Fenway Park, the beer has been revamped to load the bases with an upgraded color way that's surely here to stay.

617 features a superbly balanced malt bill accentuated by some of the most beautiful, fruity, and floral hops to deliver a winning flavor. #THATS617

Lord Hobo 617 Rebrand Packaging


This beer embodies everything it means to let loose, be yourself and soar. This design is an ode to the iconic gold Pontiac Trans Am which rests its tired wheels at the LHBCo Brewery. You can actually enter to win this car through a sponsored giveaway!

Freebird is a beautifully crafted golden ale brewed for those who fly to the beat of their own wings. Hops take a back seat to sweet and crisp malt flavors and a touch of fruitiness produced by the fermentation process. It's the easy drinking beer that will have you chanting for an encore!


Lord Hobo Freebird Ale Rebrand

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We have been working with the good folks over at LHBCo for the better part of the last 2 years on various design, packaging and marketing projects. Below you will find some of the materials produced pre-unification.

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