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"If you have a multi-family property, you have a brand."

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Many apartment communities focus most of their marketing efforts on promoting the features of their properties, including standard details or amenities such as available vacancies, scenic views, and new appliances. While these are distinguishing features, there's an equally important element to be addressed before hand.
If you have a multi-family property, you have a brand. Building a strong brand identity for your apartment community increases the perceived value of your property and builds a deeper connection with your target audience.
In this guide, we will go through the ins and outs of apartment branding so you can learn how to create a brand identity that stands out from the competition and continues to grow in value over time.

Why is Apartment Branding Important?

Like any other popular brand, quick recognition is key to your apartment community. When you see the colors and logo of one of your favorite brands, whether it's on a sign, the side of a truck, or a banner ad on the internet, it will take you less than a second to recognize the company and associate your opinion of the brand. This level of brand recognition is what you want to establish with your apartment community in your area, as it will help establish your position in the market and add first impression value to your property.

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Recollection is an Important Benefit of Effective Branding.

Let's say it is early in the morning and you want to increase your energy with some coffee. You may immediately think of enjoying a grande caramel macchiato (or another favorite drink) from your local Starbucks and will take all the necessary steps to make it happen. An incredible amount of coordinated effort and marketing is the reason that everyone knows what a caramel macchiato is, and why you want one first thing in the morning. 
Your apartment community should create the same effect. When someone is looking for a new place to live, you want them to think about your community first and last and then take the action needed to make it their new home.

Let's Check the Numbers

In addition to being easily recognizable and at the top of people’s minds, here are some stats further illustrating the importance of apartment branding:
  • Nearly two-thirds of consumers say that shared values are a primary reason for choosing a brand.
  • 77% of marketing leaders consider branding critical to a company’s growth.
  • More than three-quarters of consumers say that they make purchases based on brand name.
  • 90% of consumers expect that their experience with a brand will be consistent across platforms and physical locations (it feels weird when it isn't)
  • 64% of millennials abandon a brand because they are no longer unique, while 66% do so because a brand no longer fits their identity.
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Building Your Apartment Brand Identity

Establishing a brand that reflects the unique value of your company requires more than just a name and a logo. While these are important, they are only part of what is needed to create the feelings you want customers to experience when interacting with your brand. If you want to have the desired impact in the marketplace, you need to create a solid brand identity.
Your brand identity is how your community will be perceived by potential residents in all your marketing materials. Along with your name and logo, it consists of color selection, fonts, and the specific wording used to communicate your message.

Before you can create your apartment community’s brand identity you need to understand your brand image, or the personality of your community. Ask yourself:

  • Are you a luxury community? Economy community?
  • What makes your community special and unlike any other apartment community out there?
  • Is it its luxury amenities, pet friendly, or family-friendly atmosphere?
  • Does your location set you apart? Are you downtown, by the sea, near hiking trails?
  • What are the values that your community embodies?
  • What is the lifestyle that your community offers and how should that be represented in your marketing materials?

Once you understand your community’s image you can begin creating the elements that will go into your brand identity. It’s important to remember that effective apartment branding requires consistency across all your marketing efforts. This ensures your community is easily recognizable to potential residents and top of mind when someone is looking for their new home.

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How to Create Your Apartment Brand’s Visuals

Once you have refined your brand identity, you can start planning and developing your brand’s visuals. This will consist of your logo, color palette, typeface, and shapes that you will use for all your marketing assets from your website to print collateral.
Your brand identity is how your community will be perceived by potential residents in all your marketing materials. Along with your name and logo, it consists of color selection, fonts, and the specific wording used to communicate your message.
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Your logo is the most prominent visual element of your brand and provides a quick and easy way for potential customers to recognize your company. We covered the three style of Property Development Logos here.Designing a logo is one of the most challenging parts of apartment branding as your logo needs to strike a balance of helping your community stand out, but not doing so in a way that will alienate your secondary or tertiary audiences. A logo should be stylish and simple, and represent the vibe and vision of your brand.

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Like colors, fonts play an important role in communicating your brand's personality. Consider the message your brand is trying to convey. Are you trendy and sleek? Classic and timeless? Sophisticated?
Choose two to three complementary fonts that will be used across all your marketing materials. Look for a balance between readability and individuality. You want your typeface to be unique but people still need to be able to discern what you’re saying.
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Color Palette

The colors you select for your community play a big role in how potential residents perceive your brand and how the interior designers will approach the common areas of your property. This is because each color has an emotional and psychological effect on consumers.
To select the best colors for your apartment community, keep your brand identity and values in mind, and consider the following messages different colors send:
  • Earth tones, like darker reds and browns, give a homey and comforting feeling 
  • Greens convey peace and wellness 
  • Red tones are exciting and inspire action 
  • Blue indicates calm and trust 
  • Black or purple convey luxury and elegance

Last but not least, Shapes & Patterns

Shapes are another important visual element that has an impact on how consumers think and feel about your brand. Here are some details to consider when which shapes to use across your marketing assets:
  • Circles show continuity, positivity, and oftentimes unity.
  • Triangles are perceived as “edgy” and are used to show bold and unique brands.
  • Squares or rectangles indicate balance. The mind often associates these shapes with the home or a place where things are stored.
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