4 Benefits to Branding Your Vacation Rental

Branding a vacation rental elicits an emotional response for guests and distinguishes a unique value-add. Investing in branding for your vacation rental is about establishing remembrance. Guests not only enjoy a crafted experience, but they come away with "Instagram moments" to share with their friends and family.

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Branding your vacation rental will provide many benefits to your business. Here are some of the main reasons why vacation rental branding is so important.

Branding Helps Your Rental Stand Out From The Crowd

The most important reason your vacation rental needs a brand is to distinguish yourself from the competition. Your vacation rental is not going to be the only option travelers have to choose from. In a market that continues to grow, having an identity, vibe, and feel is what will ultimately separate you from the competition.
When travelers search through endless listings, your property should have that unique element they will remember. Whether it's a unique message, logo, or interior vibe.

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Branding Sets Expectations

Your brand provides a powerful tool for communication. The way you choose to present your vacation rental business will help define your brand and set expectations for guests. 
When customers interact with a strong brand, they expect a certain standard of experience. For example, consider Amazon. When a customer makes a purchase on Amazon they expect a high-quality experience from start to finish. This includes finding products quickly, getting fast and reliable shipping, as well as thoughtful and stress-free customer support.

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Branding Builds Loyalty And Trust

Setting expectations for customers and then meeting those expectations will serve to improve your brand reputation and image. When you provide your guests with a beautiful vacation rental, clear communication, great customer service, and easy booking, they're likely to return to your rental again when they travel. These guests will also spread the word about your vacation rental and encourage their friends and families to visit as well.
Featuring reviews on your site is a great way to boost your online credibility and further strengthen the trust you have built with your guests. Being active on your site and engaging with former and future guests build reputation and trust by establishing social proof, and goes a long way for encouraging visitors to email, chat or otherwise contact you.
Having a strong base of loyal customers will strengthen your brand identity and help your vacation rental business grow. Conveying your value on your website, from your logo, messaging, and marketing materials will attract more eyes to your property and establish a trustworthy image to match.
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A Brand Sets The Foundation For Your Marketing

Creating your vacation rental branding is more than just choosing a name and a logo. It involves having coherent color schemes and consistent style and design choices across your website and physical collateral as well.
How you design your vacation rental website will have a big impact on how you market your property. Your brand should provide consistent experiences across all marketing channels.
Whether it's a photo you post on Instagram, a Facebook cover photo, or an advertisement for a local newspaper, the marketing material should be consistent with your rental website. These marketing channels are often the first place customers will interact with your brand so you want to make the right impression and keep your voice consistent and your vision cohesive.
Effective marketing of your property will increase your number of inquiries and direct bookings - we always like to say, "increase profitability through increased visibility". You'll not be able to achieve this without a strong brand, so consider your image as it stands in the sea of airbnb properties and ask yourself honestly if there’s room to grow.

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Let's Get You Standing Above the Competition

Unsung Studio is here to give your vacation rental a competitive edge and succeed in the crowded market. As creative experts in vacation rental and property branding, we understand the importance of both first impressions and a strong consistent brand that stands the test of time.