Product Branding

The best products don’t sell themselves. The best brands do it for them.

Don’t just sell a product. Sell its story.

You’ve got a cool product. Great. But how are you going to make customers look twice – or even at all? Branding is more than just a logo, it’s a legitimate way to boost product perception, communicate product value, establish brand loyalty, and get the market to take notice of everything you have to offer.

The right product branding can take your product from catching dust on your shelves to catching attention on store shelves.

Branding is where we thrive & where you can, too

Making an exceptional product shouldn’t be where the story ends, it should be where it starts. When great products are paired with great branding, the possibilities are endless. The branding we make isn’t just for looks, it’s for selling. How do we do it? We follow a collaborative, strategy-driven progression that ensures that when we brand your product, we create more than just a look – we create potential.


The Strategic Sit-Down

This is the part where we ask the tough questions – usually with help from coffee. What does your ideal customer look like? Have you thought about your core values? Who are your direct competitors? By stripping your current brand back down to the basics, we’re able to establish the right foundation for the creative direction of your identity.


A custom-made brand

This is the part where we roll up our sleeves, borrow your thinking hats, and start creating your new brand. Using what we learned during our phase one conversations, we’ll dream up a brand that makes a memorable impression, offers an emotional connection, and ups your value to target customers.


You've got it, flaunt it

This is the part where we take your brand and introduce it to the world. After honing in on who you are, we’ll help you show it off. From POP displays and marketing collateral to billboards and websites, we’ll work with you to take your new brand from an exciting idea to tangible assets.


Stay on-brand

This is the part where we support you, long after your brand has been built. Once you have a great brand that stands out stories above the competition, it’s important to consistently represent that brand. We’ll guide you, during brand creation and beyond.

Get the party started

New, bold brands are born every day, and they’re stealing your customers. With the right branding, you can position your product ahead of the competition – and keep it there. Join us to start your branding project and build a brand that increases your product’s perceived value, builds community recognition, and makes more customers say “hey, I want that!”

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