Four Reasons You Need a Website and Online Presence

Having a website and carrying out effective marketing is seen as an absolute must for big businesses but for others, they don’t always see the value in a website and online presence (especially the cost). FACT: In 2017 a website was THE most effective way to market and increase traffic both in store and on online. In 2018 your online presence is vitally important as 50% of customers search for you before they physically step foot in your door. With that being said, here are our top four reasons you need a website (and marketing).




Your customers actually expect to find your website when looking for a provider of services or goods. By not having a website and online presence, you can appear less reputable. Your online presence is a vital step towards attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Don’t let a lack of online presence get in your way.

How do people search for you? GOOGLE (also, Bing and Yahoo)! Without a website and online presence, how are people expected to know your hours, make reservations, and be informed of you’re latest deals or events? In 2018 having a website isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.

You want people to find you, and the only way people can find you is through search engines like Google, and the only way Google can direct people to you is through a _______. (Hint: starts with web ends with site).




Just starting a business? You can appear much more seasoned with a website! Your website and online presence is a major part of this and by presenting yourself as knowledgeable or long-standing adds instant credibility. People will check you out online before they buy or even walk into your store. If you are not there, they’re likely to go to a competitor, who does have a website and online presence. You definitely don’t want that to happen. Having a website creates instant value in the form of credibility, sprinkle in some Organic SEO and you’ll be competing on the local level instantly.




You are forgiven if you have never heard of this term before. Some customers start at your website and arrive at your physical store or office – this is webrooming. People do the research online before coming directly to you. This is a hidden benefit of your website and online presence and one that cannot always be measured.




Your website contains content by you. This makes it the perfect location to educate your customers about your brand. Use it to show off your personality and what you stand for. People buy from brands that they connect with and if your target market finds shared goals, ideas, and aspirations, you will be far more likely to secure their business in the future.

The quickest way to share something you like with someone? A link of course. Where does that link likely go? A website. Having a website gives your business a personal soapbox, this allows others to share (spread the word) via a link (your website)!

Creating value for your business online is vital in the modern business world. There is so much competition out there, locally and globally, it’s imperative that you’re represented online.

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