Brand Basics Questionnaire

Consider this questionnaire a blueprint for building your business. Expect immense clarity of your "WHY" once completed.

This form will take you 35-45 minutes. Answers almost never come easily - they require deep contemplation and information gathering. Although it can take some time to come up with truly meaningful responses and content, we can say without hesitation that the insight and clarity gained is time well spent.

  • Perspective

    Here is an opportunity to describe your business as you see it. Your goals will define your approach to communicating how your business fits into the world. Your ability to articulate this will help you gain more relevant prospects as you move forward. When responding to the questions, try not to think about the competition, rather, on how you would like to be perceived. The aim is to outline your vision, your team, and the value you bring.

  • Customer

    It is vitally important to know your target market and not aim to be everything to everyone. You’ll always find a segment of the market spectrum that is a greater audience to you than others, and this is who you should market to, as well as pivot to become more appealing.

  • Competitors

    Competitor analysis should be used as a guide to your position in the market - not a road map to success. If you care too much about what your competitors are doing, you’ll always be playing catch up and you’ll never get a chance to dominate or differentiate. With this in mind, it’s still important to track your competitors and how they position themselves in the market.

  • Pleasure and Pain

    The essence of what makes you appealing, trustworthy, and worthwhile is the motivating factor for 99% of people. This comes down to identifying your market’s pain point, and the way in which you leverage it to deliver the pleasure (aka the solution or AHA! moment). You want to be associated with alleviating a problem for your target audience.

  • Customer Journey/Persona

    Understanding how your audience learns about you, reaches you, uses/purchases your offerings and relates to you after conversion is vitally important. Part of this is to iron out any missed opportunities or contradictions in your process. A buyer persona details the ‘average’ audience/customer. The benefit of creating a buyer persona is that it will clearly define who you’re marketing to - the majority gender, their goals, motivations and behaviors.

  • Max. file size: 300 MB.