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Investing in Your Company (Online)

Online First Impressions Matter - Unsung Studio blog post

“Your website is the swiss army knife of your business – use it accordingly.”   Many business owners see their website as a formality rather than the marketing tool that it is. This is why whenever they invest in a website; they rarely ever go through the pains of updating, blogging, or creating new/refreshing content. However,…

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Website First Impressions are Invaluable!

“If we perceive a website first impression as unappealing, we are less likely to trust it, and more likely to leave it in favor of others”   The first impression, they say, is everything – and studies are now showing this is true for your website as well. When your target audience visits your website…

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Is It Time For A Website Redesign?

Your website should be an integral part of your business today. It’s not enough to simply set up a Wix or Squarespace site and hope that it draws customers in. It needs frequent updating, keeping with internet trends and that includes the design of your website. Many businesses quickly come to find that the benefits…

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Four Reasons You Need a Website and Online Presence

Signs you need a website and online presence

Having a website and carrying out effective marketing is seen as an absolute must for big businesses but for others, they don’t always see the value in a website and online presence (especially the cost). FACT: In 2017 a website was THE most effective way to market and increase traffic both in store and on…

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